Lost & Found

After a race we come home with all sorts of items like, clothes, bikes, pumps, gps, wet suits and so much more. Only athletes are allowed in the transition area however we recommend having a check list of your items or have someone else help keep track of your items. We know your items can be extremely expensive and we want you to keep them however it becomes extremely hard for us to track. The most common lost item is a wetsuit. Please mark them so you can identity yours from others.

Because some of these items are so expensive we want to try at least to get them back to you. For this reason we have created this page to try to find their homes. You can pay for shipping and handling or pick them up if we find your item. Please understand it is our sincere hope to help you however this process is expensive and time consuming for us.

Lost and Found Form - We cannot guarantee we will find your item however we will try to help you where we can. Please fill in this form and follow up with us.



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